Barbie as Rapunzel [Full Movie] (Online)

Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

This movie narrates the story of a Young girl called Rapunzel, This Girl loves painting, She lives with a wicked witch. Rapuzel life is not very nice to be honest she’s treated like a slave. All will change one evening when Rapunzel and her friends will find a magic brush that had this words “Infinite like stars on the sky” our love for you is for ever.
Rapunzel is very confused at this moment because the wicked wich told her that her familly abandon her. After some hours Rapunzel goes back to where she finded the magic brush and discovers a path in the floor and suddenly she appears in a new kingdom and falls in love with prince Sthefan and after a lot of cicrcunstancies a big secret will be revealed.